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Thean Hou Temple

About Thean Hou Temple

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What people say

"I had the chance to visit the Thean Hou Temple during my stay in Kuala Lumpur, and it was a beautiful and peaceful experience. But this time, we had no guide so it was less interesting. This six-tiered temple, dedicated to Tian Hou Niang Niang or the goddess Mazu, is a stunning example of architectural beauty, blending Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism influences. Its location on Robson Heights provides a nice view of the city. The prayer hall on Level Four is adorned with lanterns, adding to the temple's serene ambiance. Additionally, the temple is a popular spot for weddings and cultural activities, including the grand birthday celebrations for the Goddesses and Buddhist chanting sessions. We spent less than an hour here and it was more than enough to absorb the beauty of the place. FYI, visit in the morning to get slightly cooler temperatures. I think 30minutes - 1hour is more than enough here."
"The temple is known for its impressive architecture and vibrant decorations. "

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