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Café Louvre

About Café Louvre

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What people say

"📍Metro Stop "Narodni Trida" (New Town) Welcome to a classic grand café that will take you back to Prague at the beginning of the 20th century. The waiters are still wearing the traditional black and white uniform, the decor has not changed and you can see the portraits of some notable guests who once upon a time were loyal customers of the place (Franz Kafka, Albert Einstein, Karel Čapek among others). I remember taking my mum there the first time she came to Prague. She was so wowed by the place that a few years later she still tells me how much it was one of her favorite spots in Prague. This place is not only a show for the eyes but also a great time for you taste buds: between goulash, braised beef with creamy sauce or strudel, you cannot be disappointed. Great news, they also have vegetarian options (omelette, goat cheese, quiche..). Fun Fact: They still serve the tea time at 5 o-clock, with a selection of teas, sandwiches, pastries and deserts (you can see what it looks like in one of my photos). What a place! Fun Fact 2: If you really like the place, they sell some goodies on your way to the stairs (mugs, pens, t-shirts..) "
"Cafe Louvre is a historical cafe where Albert Einstein, Franz Kafka, and the Čapek brothers would dine. Imagine the inspiration bouncing off these walls! The cafe was first opened in 1902 and has been honoring its tradition of offering excellent culinary and cultural experiences. Opening at 8 am, the restaurant offers a wide range of breakfast options, leading up to a carefully selected traditional Czech lunch and later dinner menu. 📍 Location Right around the corner from the metro stop Národní Třída, a few steps from the National Theatre. You can also take the tram 22 to the stop Národní Třída. 👌 Extra The newest addition has been the opening of a Gallery Louvre where you can view or purchase current Czech art. 😎 Vibe The cafe is quite popular with Prague residents which is why it remains the traditional place for casual gatherings and business meetings over a lovely meal. Nearby ➕ National Theatre ➕ Kafka's Head ➕ Hemingway Bar 🎷TIP: If you enjoy Jazz music, we highly recommend you check out the Jazz club below the Cafe Louvre, called Reduta. "
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"Indulge in a timeless experience at Cafe Louvre, a historic gem where Art Nouveau elegance meets delectable cuisine. Established in 1902, this café has been a haven for intellectuals and artists, offering a delightful setting to enjoy Prague's rich coffeehouse culture and culinary delights."

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