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What people say

"Translating to The Four Cats, this small hole in the wall was once a popular haunt for famous artists such as Pablo Picasso and Ramon Casas i Carbó throughout the modernist period. The establishment drew inspiration from a French café called Le Chat Noir, where the original owner Pere Romeu had once worked. Interestingly the name is roughly linked to people who are seen as outsiders, bohemian or ‘a bit strange’. Unfortunately, the café closed in 1903 due to financial difficulties, but reopened in 1989 and was splendidly restored to its former glory. The restaurant continues to serve up popular Catalan cuisine in its historic surroundings and is somewhere I would like to try on my next visit. "
"A Barcelona institution, famous because Picasso used to hang out here.  A cute interior but a bit overpriced, go for the history, have a drink and some pan con tomate, but I wouldn't eat a full meal here. 🍴Favorite Items - Pan con Tomate - Gin Tonic"
"This is THE modernist restaurant in Barcelona. A place when many of the bohemian generation, including Picasso himself frequented. In fact Picasso's first solo exhibit was here! "

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