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WONDR Experience

About WONDR Experience

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What people say

"WONDR Amsterdam is an immersive art and experience space designed to captivate visitors with its vibrant and interactive installations. Boasting a whimsical atmosphere, the venue offers a playground of creativity, encouraging guests to explore, engage, and unleash their artistic spirit. From visually stunning rooms to multisensory experiences, WONDR provides a unique escape into a world of color, joy, and wonder. It's a social and Instagram-worthy destination, perfect for those seeking a playful and inspiring adventure in the heart of Amsterdam."
"If you are looking for an instagrammable place this is it. After taking the free ferry to go to the Adam lookout you can visit this place and if you're looking for a date idea then book the roller skating online "
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"Take the free ferry (bikes allowed) to Amsterdam Noord and enjoy and out of this world experience in either WONDR museum or NXT museum. "

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