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About Panajachel

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What people say

"EN: Enjoy the sunset over the lake and its volcanoes. There are plenty of good fish restaurants along the lake. Panajachel offers an incredible view of the volcanoes. Take advantage of this moment to see the nature and the activity of the city. Spend the night in Panajachel. FR : profiter du coucher de soleil sur le lac et ses volcans. Il y a beaucoup de bons restaurants de poisson le long du lac. Panajachel offre une vue incroyable sur les volcans. Profitez de ce moment pour admirer la nature et l'activité de la ville. Passez la nuit à Panajachel "
"Pana is kind of the gateway town to the lake. If you travel to the lake from Antigua, you may stop here first. On the surface, it feels much more touristy and busy than some of the other towns. It is a great place for souvenir shopping, but it also feels a little bit less authentic. There is a great nature reserve nearby and still great views and places to relax by the lake. I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to come here, but it can be worth exploring if it's on your journey."
"Panajachel, often referred to as Pana, is situated on the northeastern shore of Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, and is the most developed of the towns that are around the lake. It serves as a major gateway and transportation hub for exploring the lake and its surrounding villages. Panajachel offers a wide range of amenities, including restaurants, hotels, shops, and a vibrant market where you can find local crafts and textiles. "

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