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Via Roma

About Via Roma

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"This pedestrian shopping street runs from Piazza Castello through Piazza San Carlo and continues to Piazza Carlo Felice at Stazione Porta Nuova."
"Via Roma, one of Turin’s most famous shopping streets "

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Turin is so underrated. With a fairytale backdrop of the Alps, the city along the Po River feels refined but in a relaxed way. Charm and quality still feel friendly and warm. Historic Torino (as we say in Italian) is renowned for its rich heritage, a history spanning over two millennia, iconic landmarks, and its role as the host of the 2006 Winter Olympics. Discover its roots in Ancient Rome and past ties to the House of Savoy with an interactive guidebook. This digital guide focuses within the city limits of Turin and is filled with info and insider tips gained through my hours of research, the experience of my travels, and by talking with locals. Unlock this guide to uncover hidden gems and day trips with information, photos, links, and bonus guides to provide a visual sense of this place. Discover what to see in the neighborhoods of Turin, where to eat, sleep, and shop. Then, go beyond into the greater Metropolitan Turin province and Piedmont region. Discover: 🏛️ 32 points of interest 🍽️ 28 restaurants, cafes + bars 🛍️ 10 places to shop 🛌 4 places to stay (+ 4 transport hubs) In addition to cultural immersion, in this guide you'll get a: 1. Interactive map 2. Portable, mobile-first format 3. "Remixable" make-your-own itinerary 4. "Living" guide that receives updates This guide is intended for you to make your own. Explore at your own pace within your available timeframe. Visit all of the sites or just those that call to you. Skip around or simply glance on the way to your next meal. As a travel expert and creative, I built AMG Inspired to design quality architecture and support sustainable tourism, defined as “tourism that respects both local people and the traveler, cultural heritage and the environment.” Be sure to tag @amginspired in your photos.
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