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Diyaluma Falls

About Diyaluma Falls

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What people say

"Diyaluma Falls are the most beautiful in the area, with pools you can swim in. The falls are about an hours tuk tuk from Ella and I recommend you get there early to avoid the crowds- this goes for most things in Sri Lanka. I'm not an early bird but being one of a handful of people checking out a beautiful waterfall really makes all the difference to whether it's a top experience or a so-so one. My suggestion is to aim to get there for between 7 and 8.30am for the best experience!"
"One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country, Diyaluma Waterfall stands at a staggering 220 meters. Hike up the waterfall to find 5-6 bathing pools, smaller waterfalls, and even a rock to cliff jump!"
"Probably the best waterfall around here. The hike to the top worth every minute!"
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