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N Seoul Tower

About N Seoul Tower

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"•Il est fortement recommandé de visiter la tour Namsan de Séoul un jour de semaine pour éviter la foule. •Achetez vos billets pour la Tour de Séoul ici et profitez de réductions allant jusqu'à 55% ! •Prévoyez au moins 3 à 4 heures pour avoir le temps de profiter de toutes les attractions. •La tour de Namsan offre des vues aussi bien diurnes que nocturnes. Si vous prévoyez de visiter la tour le soir, il est préférable d'arriver avant 18 heures pour devancer les autres visiteurs. •Si vous choisissez de visiter la tour le soir, ne restez pas jusqu'à la fermeture. En effet, les files d'attente pour les derniers téléphériques peuvent être plus longues en raison de la foule."
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"After climbing the hill up from hoehyeon station on the subway (blue line) I took the cable car ride up to Seoul tower. That ride costs about 15000 won /person (About $11/person). If you walk up the trail, it is free to get to the main entrance. You can end there and enjoy the most beautiful pictures and views or you can pay 21000 won (about $16) and head up to the observation deck and enjoy views from the Sky restroom. This is the perfect way to tire kids out for the day or spend a leisurely afternoon by yourself or with your partner. Travel tip: Stop by the restaurant and get some chocolate or red bean filled hotteok 🤌🏿. Behind the restaurant, there is a love lock enclosure/area that you can buy locks (or come up with one) write whatever you want on it and lock together with countless of other hopeful wishes /stories."
"Perched majestically atop Namsan Mountain, the Namsan Seoul Tower is an iconic symbol of the South Korean capital. Ascend to the tower's lofty heights by embarking on a scenic hike through lush trails, or opt for a leisurely cable car ride that offers breathtaking vistas along the way. Once you reach the tower's observation decks, prepare to be captivated by Seoul's sprawling cityscape, which unfurls beneath you in a stunning panorama of lights and life. Whether you're seeking a romantic rendezvous, a serene moment of reflection, or simply the thrill of being on top of the world, Namsan Seoul Tower promises an unforgettable experience and a perspective of the city that will forever linger in your memories."

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