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St Anthony's Church

About St Anthony's Church

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What people say

"This church stands above the place where Saint Anthony was born, before he went around the world as a preacher, ending up dying in Padua. The current temple was built in 1767, on the site where a chapel had stood since the 15th century. It offers as noteworthy elements the image of the patron saint, spared by the earthquake, the crypt in his birthplace and the screen representing Saint Anthony with the most authentic features that have been preserved. It was visited by Pope Saint John Paul II in 1982."
"St. Anthony's Church, also known as Igreja Santo António, in Lisbon is a Baroque church dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of Portugal. Built on the site where St. Anthony was born, the church is a pilgrimage site and features beautiful artwork and sculptures depicting the life of the saint."

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