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About Nyboder

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What people say

"To see how people lived in the 17th and 18th century, stroll through Nyboder, a street with colourful houses. This residential area was built to accommodate the personnel of the rapidly growing Royal Navy. Today, the Nyboder houses are still inhabited by members of the Danish Navy, Army and Air Force. Make sure to take a look at the red brick Nyboder’s Church, too, when passing through the area. There have been multiple occassions where it's been proposed to sell the houses, but thankfully this hasn't happened. In 2014, some of the houses have actually been refurbished. I think it's good to retain sites of cultural heritage such as Nyboder."
"go ahead and take a walk through this vibrant neighborhood of warmly colored 17th and 18th-century row houses and cobbled streets."
"Long rows of distinctive, 17th- & 18th-century yellow houses, once used as naval accommodation."

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