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Agora Modiano

About Agora Modiano

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What people say

"Modiano Market is the city's largest indoor market. It was built at the site of a former synagogue, between 1922 and 1925, after the great fire. It has since been transformed into a modern, multicultural food hub that you should not miss when in Thessaloniki. The market houses 75 shops divided into groups depending on the type of food they offer: essentials such as vegetables, meat, and seafood, certified organic products, local Greek flavors, Fair Trade products and ethnic proposals from all over the world. The requirement for all the stores is to offer high levels of quality. Note: free wifi is offered in the area "
"These markets have been the stomach of Thessaloniki for centuries, bustling with vendors and shoppers. A local joke suggests that you haven’t truly visited Thessaloniki unless you’ve gotten lost in the labyrinth-like alleys of Kapani, bargaining over olives or spices."

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