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What people say

"A very cute town. Honestly, not *that* much to do, but the beaches are WAY cheaper than the beaches in Nice, and it's the same water. So if you wanted to have a beach day or afternoon, I'd consider coming down here to this less-touristy, more local-feeling area."

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Out of all the places I adore in France, Nice and its surrounding areas truly has my heart. This is where I dream of retiring. You're still very much in France - BUT: The people are noticeably friendlier than in Paris (no shade to Parisians, I love them too), the weather is delightful, the beaches are gorgeous, and the food has a lighter, Mediterranean flair (as opposed to the heavy dairy-based recipes typical in much of France). If 6 days sounds like a lot to you, never fear: This itinerary uses Nice as a home base and includes many day-trip options. Guide includes: 📍 High Level Plan ✨ General Tips 🍅 7 Food & Drinks Not to Miss 🧼 7 Souvenir or Gift Ideas 🍴 10 restaurant/bar recs in Nice (5 cheaper, 3 mid-range, 2 higher end) 🗒️ 6-day Itinerary: 3 days in Nice (including arrival & departure days, and 1 full-day in Nice with two morning options & 2 afternoon options), and 3 days for half-day trips, full-day trips, or a free day* 🗺️ 7 additional options for your half or full-day trips from Nice or for your free day 💚 Pro Tips *I suggest 1 full-day trip, 1 day split between 2 half-day trips, and 1 day of free time. These do not overlap with the 7 additional options for half and full-day trips, You also get: ✍️ My personal notes for each recommendation 📍 An interactive map of all recommendations 🔓 Access to all future updates (I love Nice and keep going back) 🎞️ Linked videos (where applicable) that bring recommendations and advice to life 💙 If you love this guide, I would really appreciate it if you shared it with a friend, left a great review, or contributed a tip.
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