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Phaselis Ancient City

About Phaselis Ancient City

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What people say

"Welcome to Phaselis archaeological site, where history meets paradise. Pack your swim gear for the ultimate experience. From the site entrance, a short 1 km stroll unveils the wonders of Phaselis. Discover the vibrant Harbor Street, a time capsule from Hellenistic to Byzantine eras. Theater, Acropolis, Basilica – history’s echoes surround you. Catch a glimpse of the past with the ancient city wall and the intriguing Necropolis. Wander through bustling Agoras and marvel at the grand Roman Aqueduct. And yes, not one, but three beaches await your relaxation by the sparkling Mediterranean."
"The museum cards “Museum Pass Turkiye” and “Museum Pass the Mediterranean” are accepted here. There are changing rooms, showers, toilets available on site, you can also bring food and drinks, just try not to leave garbage on the site."

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