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About Dverghamrar

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What people say

"Dverghamrar, translating to "Dwarf Cliffs" in Icelandic, is a fascinating rock formation on the south coast of Iceland, not far from the village of Kirkjubæjarklaustur . This horseshoe-shaped wonder is renowned for its hexagonal basalt columns and captivating folklore, making it a popular stop for travelers seeking a taste of Iceland's unique geology and rich cultural heritage. Dverghamrar's most striking feature is its dramatic cliff face. Formed millions of years ago during volcanic eruptions, molten lava flowed and eventually cooled. The unique contraction process during cooling resulted in the formation of these distinctive hexagonal basalt columns, a testament to the raw power and artistry of nature. Stacked on top of these columns lies another layer of cube-jointed basalt, adding another dimension to the visual intrigue. "
"So there are two ways to view this waterfall. First is on the left hand side of the road where you stop off real quick to take a picture. Second is just a bit further down on the road to the right. There's a parking lot where you get out and walk a very quick loop. However, at one part of the loop you can look up to see this waterfall in a very unique way! "
" I've never actually stopped here, but it looks so cool! I'm pretty sure you can walk back to the little waterfall."

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