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Panzerotti Luini

About Panzerotti Luini

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What people say

"Behind La Rinacente shopping mall, a few minutes from the Milano cathedral, in a tight street facing the famous chocolate gelato shop is Luini. Carried along by the Luini Family for three generations, from the Apulian founder Giuseppina - who moved shortly after WW2 to Milan - to her son, Luigi who made the bakery famous during the years of Milano da bere, to our day with Cristina and Emanuela. At first, Giuseppina focused on making bread, and focaccia but one day while going through the recipes handed down from her grandfather, she found the family recipe for panzerotti and began frying up a few. Panzerotti is the Apulian version of the Neapolitan pizza fritta, looking like a calzone, filled with different ingredients like the classic tomato and scamorza. The recipe for the panzerotti dough is a closely guarded family secret kept by Signora Giuseppina's son and grandchildren. All panzerotties are made to order and piping hot. "
"Famous panzerotti takeout spot! Panzerotti are sort of a savory turnover from Puglia (specifically Bari). They're usually fried, though different than a calzone. "
"Enjoy delicious panzerotti, a traditional Italian pastry filled with various toppings, at affordable prices."

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