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About Meghalaya

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What people say

"Call yourself a monsoon person? rains are your love language? Welcome to the 'Wettest Place on Earth' In Sanskrit, Meghalaya translates into ‘abode of clouds’ and it truly depicts that. Due to its far-off location, it's still an untouched gem of India. Though the popularity and convenience of transport have slowly been evolving. It rains about 267.8 days of the year! This place is definitely a must for all nature and adventure lovers, waterfalls are the eye candy with lush green vegetation in a tropical climate. -Dawki- Umngot Lake & River serves some of the clearest & cleanest water you will come through in Asia. -In Cherrapunji you can visit to see the famed single and double living root bridges. It's a fascinating site alright to see the wonders of mother nature. -Visit the 'Scotland of the East', the capital of Meghalaya and a haven for musicians -Head to -Mawlynnong, which has been labeled as Asia's cleanest village. -Caves (over 1500 of them, some of the longest and deepest in India) & Waterfalls (magnificent is an understatement) & Treks (kind of comes with the territory)!!! There are tons of popular and unpopular options for you to choose from, and with a promise that most will leave you pleased. The ancient tribes have managed to preserve & protect the nature of this beautiful state. Not only that, they are some of the world's largest matrilineal communities! Talk about Women's Power, ay! So make sure to speak to & stay with a local tribal community or family. "

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