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Hallasan National Park

About Hallasan National Park

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What people say

"Hallasan Mountain stands proudly at the center of Jeju Island and is perhaps the islandโ€™s most memorable landmark. Also called Yeongjusan Mountain, meaning "mountain high enough to pull the galaxy," Hallasan Mountain is widely known by scientists for its geological value. Hallasan Mountain is famous for its vertical ecosystem of plants that results from the varying temperatures along the mountainside. Over 1,800 kinds of plants and 4,000 species of animals (3,300 species of insects) have been identified; to explore the mountain's treasures, simply follow one of the well-developed hiking trails."
"Embark on an adventure in Hallasan National Park, home to South Korea's highest peak, Hallasan. Hike through lush forests and ascend to the summit, where breathtaking panoramic views await. It's a nature lover's paradise, offering diverse flora and fauna in a pristine natural setting."
"Amazing hike. Somewhat challenging due to the elevation gain, but a very accessible and rewarding hike. A must do in Jeju-do!"

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