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Lives in Charleston, SC, USA
Ready to become travel planning besties? I'm here to help you plan a cultured trip filled with experience that have you feeling like a local without the dreaded weeks of Pinterest spirals and TripAdvisor rabbit trails. Schedule a consult call to pick my brain on personalizing your travel itinerary and/or cover outstanding logistical details that may have you stressing. What we could cover on your consult: This is your time and ultimately your call (pun intended). But here are a few suggestions off how we might use our time together: - How to get started with trip plans, lodging, and itinerary building  - Help narrowing down your options based on personal interests, group size, or length or visit - Special events and activity suggestions based on travel dates - Decisions related to geography and booking options (Should I drive or fly? Is it better to stay downtown or at one of the beaches? What is public transit like? What parts do the locals frequent/steer clear of?) - Time discussing all the logistical details you don't trust Google to get right:(Where are the best places to park? What local dishes are a MUST and where is the best spot to try them?) 30 minute consultations are good for tackling general logistical questions, plus a few restaurant or activity recommendations to round out your itinerary. This is the best option if you're taking a shorter trip and/or you've started the planning but want a local's opinion and tips. 60 minute consultations are great to do all of the above, then dig deeper with more personalized recommendations and get into more detailed logistics. They are also most likely the minimum time we need if you are more or less starting from scratch. 90 minute consultations are the best option if you want in-depth support during the travel planning process that includes mapping out a scheduled itinerary.
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Emma Cregg
Bonjour, y'all! I’m Emma, a southerner who moved to Paris and now splits my time between the City of Light and Charleston, SC. After years of planning trips to both spots for friends, family, and the occasional stranger I befriended on a plane, I made things official and launched Travel Filled, my travel blog and planning business. I used to work for the City of Charleston and now travel and work with cities all over the country (aka total local government nerd, proudly nicknamed the Leslie Knope of my grad class). That makes me incredibly enthusiastic about finding and sharing local specialities and hidden gems. I’m constantly seeking out new cultural experiences, running routes, good pescatarian spots, book and coffee nooks, and the perfect cocktail. I plan trips for all sorts of folks, but am especially passionate about connecting with culturally curious women looking to fill up their travel cup through a blend of authentic experiences and treat yoself moments and are just too busy kicking ass in their daily lives to plan it all on their own!
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Female Solo
People & Culture
Charleston, SC, USA
Paris, France
Sullivan's Island, SC, USA
Isle of Palms, SC, USA
New York, NY, USA
Ischia, SA, Italy
Knoxville, TN, USA
United States
Ischia, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, Italy
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Strasbourg, France
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