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with Catalin The Celiac in Italy
Planning travel as a celiac is not easy. You have to dig through heaps of blog posts to find gluten-free restaurants in each city, figure out how to ask your questions in a different language, call and interrogate restaurants who probably don’t understand you, find accommodations near a grocery store…the list is never-ending. As a native English speaker who speaks fluent Italian and has all the local, insider secrets on traveling gluten-free in Italy, I want to help you plan a super fun and totally safe gluten-free Italian adventure! ❤️We may chat about things like… What are the best celiac-safe restaurants in Italy? 🍝 How do you tell if packaged foods are gluten-free or not? 🍕 How do you navigate the celiac scene without speaking Italian?? 🇮🇹 Got non-celiac-related questions? I'm happy to help with those too! I can walk you through train travel, how to exchange currencies, what scams to know and avoid on the streets...anything! This is a completely personalized experience…feel free to ask me anything and everything. I want you to feel as prepared as possible, you are really in the driver's seat of the consult! __________________ ❗️Package Details❗️ STANDARD • 30-minute consult call PREMIUM • 60-minute consult call • Email follow-up with notes from our consult • Up to 3 reservations made on your behalf LUXE • 60-minute consult call • Email follow-up with notes from our consult • 1 additional email exchange for any further questions • Up to 5 reservations made on your behalf • 20% discount on all pre-curated Italy travel guides
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"Catalin was full of specific and extremely helpful details as we reviewed our travel plans with her. It will be our first time in Italy traveling as celiac's. She understood our inability to eat dai..."
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Catalin The Celiac in Italy
Piacere (nice to meet you)! I’m Catalin, an American 🇺🇸 expat in Florence, Italy 🇮🇹 And, a proud celiac 💚 You may also know me as The Celiac in Italy on Instagram! Since moving to Italy during the pandemic, my passion for Italian food and culture has continued to grow. Now, I offer pre-curated travel guides for cities around Italy, 1-to-1 travel consultations, custom itineraries, and curated recommendations. All 100% celiac-safe. So you can explore Italy without the hassle of digging through tons of blog posts and Facebook groups to plan your trip. More about me & my services… ➡️Armed with years of first-hand experience, I know the Italian celiac scene like the back of my hand🇮🇹Plus, I live here! My recommendations are always up-to-date🤓 ➡️I'm a native English speaker who speaks fluent Italian. There's no language barrier on our end and I can seamlessly facilitate communication with restaurants. Feeling unsure about cross-contact procedures? I’m more than willing to send Italian emails on your behalf🤗 ➡️I have personal relationships with the chefs of many gluten free restaurants nationwide. I can get you reservations just by sending a text📲 ➡️My degree is in medical anthropology and I wrote my thesis about the impact of culture on the quality of life for celiacs. Not only have I been living with celiac disease for many years, but I've also studied the social aspect of our condition inside and out🤓 ➡️On top of celiac disease I have a wheat allergy and a plethora of other conditions. Helping you navigate multiple intolerances is not a problem!💕 Let’s plan your gluten-free Italian adventure!🇮🇹 📲 @celiacinitaly 💻 💌 Your celiac-safe Italian experience awaits❤️
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FOCUSES & SpecialtIes
Gluten-free / Celiac
Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy
Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, Italy
Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy
Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
Bologna, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy
La Spezia, SP, Italy
Tuscany, Italy
Lazio, Italy
Liguria, Italy
Veneto, Italy
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60 mins
60 mins
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