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Stockholm, Sverige
Stockholm, Sverige
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If you're a nature lover visiting the city of Stockholm, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by staying at a waterfront hotel, surrounded by nature. And you can even take the ferry there, if you know where to stay! I love taking the ferry from the inner city -- home, and to the archipelago beyond. So I've made a guide with a few hotels along the inlet to Stockholm, if you also want to treat yourself. I've chosen hotels and B & B/hostels with gorgeous water views -- easily accessible by ferry* -- along the inlet to Stockholm. We start on a hostel ship in the very heart of Stockholm, across the pond from the Royal Castle, and end at a hotel on a small islet that's actually an old military fort. Because I live near Stockholm's inlet, myself, I've not needed to stay at hotels, but I've chosen stays in naturally beautiful locations that I like to visit myself, and where I know the docks* well. If you find the guide helpful, and book through my links here, I may get a commission from the sale (at no extra cost to you). *Ferry traffic and boat type may vary depending on season, and docks/jetties. So it's important to check boat availability and time tables (with the hotels, transport cos.) ahead of time. If you'd like some more visual inspiration from on and off the water, come along for a virtual boat ride on my Instagram account! I'd also be happy to create a custom guide with travel recommendations for you. You'll find the link in my bio. Excited for your trip to Stockholm, where you can hail a... ferry! :-)
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The Stockholm archipelago is made up of tens of thousands of beautiful islands to explore, but you've got to start somewhere, right? :-) So here's a starter guide to three popular ferry destinations in the Stockholm Archipelago: Vaxholm, Möja and Sandhamn. At varying distances, each of these island destinations can be reached by a ferry from the heart of Stockholm. You can travel for the day, or make it a memorable overnight stay. Or, let it be the starting point for a whole island-hopping archipelago adventure! You can use the the extensive public transportation ferry network, like most locals. And if you have found this guide :-), I figure that's the way you want to travel as it will likely be a more personal, and customizable experience. But you can also book with faster (more expensive) taxi boats and boat companies that provide more of a guided-tour experience. (Links below). Either way, you'll experience unbounded natural beauty and moving seascapes travelling to all of these islands. The locations described here are all populated (although some sparsely), starting some 500 years ago, so you'll also find a rich and varied history. I've summed up each island's flavor in a phrase: 1) The portal to the archipelago; 2) The painter's muse; and 3) Where sailors and yachters meet. See what most suits your fancy? I've matched the epithets up with the island names below. Save this guide so you can come back for more. It's already got a wealth of info., but I'll keeping adding places and details. Enjoy and let me know if I can help you further! If you'd like additional personalized recommendations, you can order them through my profile. You'll also find lots of visual inspiration on my Instagram page @evalottafilms. In fact, you'll also be able to solve an island-quiz post there like a pro, after reading this guide. I'm including a link to that reel below.
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