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Explore the city where the Apostle Paul spent 18 months as an itinerant teacher and leather worker. This archaeological site is one of the premier locations in Greece for studying the literary texts of the early Christian movement in light of material artifacts of the period. Your tour will start at the ticket kiosk, then proceed to the Archaic Temple followed by the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth. The back exit of the museum will place you in front of the Temple of Octavia where we will learn about the imperial cult. Turn around to face the other direction and you will walk past the museum, down a flight of stairs into to Roman Forum. Situated in the middle to the right is the bema seat where Paul was brought before Gallio (Acts 18). Again, you will turn around and face toward the Lechaion Road, passing a tree to the left and down a set of stairs. Here you will see the shops where meat was sold after sacrifice, the Peirene Fountain and the potential location of the first century Jewish synagogue. You can continue to the exit (not the same one you entered), where you may turn right to enjoy some shopping and food or left to return along the road to the parking lot. Conclude your tour with a visit to the Erastus inscription. You will find a long set of stairs across the street on the north end of the parking lot. Also of interest in the vicinity of Ancient Corinth is a visit to the remains of the diolkos (the ancient road used to portage ships and goods across the isthmus in Paul's time), the acrocorinth (the stunning outcropping towering above the city) and the Corinthian canal. Each can be visited by automobile and directions are included in the feature points below.