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This is a guide for Athens and Alimos Greece. If you are not familiar with Alimos (I wasn't either), it is a seaside town on the coast and is very close to Athens. It makes for a great city break from the heat of Athens. If you are heading to the Greek Islands for the summer it's very likely you'll pass through Athens. There is a wealth of things to do here. We've been a few times now and I still have things on my list that I'd like to see and do in future trips. This guide will cover all of the things that I have personally done, seen, and eaten in Athens. *Including a mini street food our that we personally created and did! It will also cover things I have researched that sound amazing and that I wish to do on future trips. Why Athens? Personally I find Athens to be an incredible city. Not everyone wants to spend time in Athens, but we really enjoyed Athens and found it had a lot to offer. There are lots of great things to do and see here and so much history. We have visited twice so this guide for Athens will include quite a bit. You can pick and choose what you would find most enjoyable for a day or two here at the beginning and possibly also the end of your trip. I am going to divide this Athens portion into 2 sections. The first will be for more of the heart of Athens and first timers or people who love all of the main and major things in the city. We also created our own mini street food tour here and that is included as well.   The second section is with a base in Alimos. This is likely for people who have already been to Athens and have seen all of the history and main sites. Or for people who just don't care and would rather beach and chill during their day or two in Athens. 
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There is so much to see and do in and around Venice, Italy that you could easily spend quite a few days here. This guide will detail MORE than enough things to do in 3-4 days in Venice and the surrounding islands. If you want MORE to do I've also spent time in the Prosecco Hills and the town of Treviso which are both about 45 minutes outside of Venice, feel free to reach out. I have also spent time in the nearby Dolomites so again, I am happy to consult with you about any of those areas as well! This guide will detail why you should visit Venice. -How to best arrive & exit Venice & how to get around while you are there. -Include multiple options for where to stay, all of which I have personally stayed in and can recommend. From luxury (our honeymoon hotel), to airbnb with an incredible water door onto the canal, to a more budget friendly hotel that also has a stunning canal view. There are options for everyone in Venice. -It will detail some amazing things to see, do, eat, and drink in Venice! -It will also detail how to take small day trips to neighboring islands of Burano, Murano, Torcello, and Mazzorbo. ***I am also available for consultation about your Venice trip and would love to talk to you and work with you to create your perfect experience! Please feel free to reach out to me any time at
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This is a mini guide for the Island of Syros, Greece. I call it a "mini guide" because I have a larger and fuller 2 week Greek Island Itinerary. But if you're mixing and matching islands and just want to know about Syros, then this is the guide for you! When we decided to return to Greece, I knew I wanted to look for something a little bit different. I spent countless hours Googling islands and reading blogs, and the honest truth is I don’t think you could go to a place in Greece that you wouldn’t like. There were a few reasons I chose Syros though and I am glad that I did. Syros is special and different from other Greek islands I have visited. It has a very local feel and a bustling center in Ermoupoli. There is real life going on here and the island isn't JUST for tourism. Syros has wineries, amazing restaurants, incredible beaches, hiking, beautiful streets and alleys to wander down, and so much more. There is an incredible charm to visiting a different type of Greek island and I highly recommend staying here for a few days. This guide will include everything that we did in Syros... tours that we loved, places we ate, beaches we went to, how to get around, and our favorite parts. I spent countless hours researching this trip before we went to make sure we got the best possible experience. It will also include things we'd have done if we had more time and things that I'd still love to see on this incredible island.
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