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The Factory Cafe

About The Factory Cafe

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What people say

"The Factory Cafe in Ko Tao is more than just a coffee shop; it's a lifestyle space. Known for its high-quality artisanal coffee and a cozy, modern ambiance, the cafe also offers a varied menu that caters to different dietary needs. Whether you're looking for a comfortable spot to work remotely or a laid-back setting for a casual meet-up, The Factory Cafe provides the perfect backdrop for a range of occasions. With free Wi-Fi and a selection of pastries and meals, it's a beloved spot among locals and travelers alike. Our favourites were the refreshing cucumber water, the açai bowls and the avocado toasts to which we added their perfectly poached eggs)."
"฿200 - 300 Looking for a popular breakfast spot with a vegan menu? This place is the one! Keep in mind, the service might be a bit slow in the morning due to the crowd, and the space can get a bit cramped. But hey, they've got AC inside, and it's perfect for getting some work done when it's not too busy. Give it a shot for a delicious vegan breakfast! 🌱🍳😋 "

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