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About Hlöllabátar

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What people say

"Hlöllabátar in Reykjavik is an absolute gem, offering sandwiches so addictive they should come with a warning label. Each sandwich is a masterpiece of flavor and texture, whether you opt for a classic combination of ham and cheese or something more adventurous like smoked salmon and cream cheese. If you're in Reykjavik, Hlöllabátar is a must-do – your taste buds will thank you."
"We were lucky as this restaurant was situated right outside of our hotel. However don't let its convenient location fool you. The food is fast, easy, and another great stop for quick lunch in the city. You will find many restaurants fill up quickly, or require a reservation. So having a quick and easy stop option is always a good idea! "
"Sometimes, after a late night and too much drinking, you just need some junk food. Enter Hlöllabátar. This fast-food hut, on the edge of Ingólfur Square, serves burgers and subs, fries and mozzarella sticks, and cold Pepsi. Go ahead, no one is judging you."

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Reykjavík is the capital and largest city in Iceland. It’s also the northernmost capital in the world. The city, on the southwest coast of the island nation, is home to less than 150,000 people (that’s 60% of the total population). It’s by no means sleepy, though. It has a thriving art scene (music festivals, independent record stores, pop-up exhibits) and foodie scene (Michelin restaurants, organic wine bars, coffee culture). A grand church towers over the city. Candy-colored houses line the streets. Thermal swimming pools are gathering spots for most neighborhoods. Northern lights sightings are a real possibility (seasonally, of course). It’s also the jumping-off point for exciting adventures all around the Land of Fire and Ice. Pack for all seasons, as the weather changes frequently throughout the day--no matter what time of year it is. And be prepared to fall in love. This detailed guide includes: Places: islands, neighborhoods Stay: hotels Eat: bakeries, cafés, coffee shops, food carts & halls, ice cream, Michelin stars, restaurants Drink: beer bars, breweries, cocktail bars, wine bars Shop: beauty products, bookstores, chocolate shops, clothing boutiques, flea markets, outdoor wear, record stores, vintage clothing, wool products Do: art museums, churches, concert venues, history museums, lakes, memorials, parks, peace stones, roads, sculptures, sports venues, squares, streets Transportation: airports, bus terminals, car rentals, ferries Note: I travel to Reykjavík quite frequently, so this guide is updated often.
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