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What people say

"Iconic images of Reykjavík include Hallgrímskirkja (the church overlooking the city), Harpa (the concert hall), and the Sun Voyager (a waterfront sculpture). You can surely add Tjörnin to that list. The Pond is a small lake on the Old West Side. It's bordered by Reykjavík's City Hall, the National Gallery of Iceland, and Fríkirkjan (a church). Water birds use it as a pit stop. There are always people feeding them along the shore. Plus, once it freezes over in the winter, it becomes a massive ice-skating rink. Get your cameras ready."
"Tjörnin Lake in the center of Reykjavik quietly graces the urban landscape, offering a serene escape from the bustling city life. Often referred to simply as "The Pond" by locals, it is a small, man-made lake located within the city center. Its unassuming presence stands in stark contrast to the dramatic landscapes that Iceland is renowned for. This humble body of water has been an integral part of Reykjavik's urban environment for over a century and is home to countless birdlife."
"Tjörnin Pond is nearby Guesthouse Galtafell. The park attracts many locals and tourists because of the birds that frequent. When I was here, there were dozens of Whooper Swans (the only swans in Iceland) honking and being fed by locals. If the Northern Lights are strong, you may even be able to see them dancing over the pond at night."

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