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FlyOver Iceland

About FlyOver Iceland

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What people say

"FlyOver Iceland is a thematic attraction ubicated just in front of the Whale Museum, which simulates how flying over Iceland looks like. It shows stunning landscapes of the country. It is worth to visit in case you don't have any plan or if you travel with kids. But it's also a nice experience for adults! The show takes around 15 minutes and runs every 30 minutes. You can either book online or walk-in. *Image from FlyOver Iceland"
"Fly over Iceland is a great activity if you have an hour to spare at the beginning or end of your trip or if you're staying for a few days in Reykjavik. You get to experience a birds eye view virtually flying over the truly stunning natural landscapes Iceland has to offer- unlike anywhere else in the world. Either let it inspire your adventures or cap them off in a grand finale. It's a great activity for adults and children alike. "
"Next Day in Iceland, I set out to visit “Fly Over Iceland” & “Whales of Iceland” museum. If staying in Reykjavik, these two places are easily accessible with just a short walk. Best part about these two places is that they are directly across the street from each other and both places can be done within 3 hours."

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