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Café Loki

About Café Loki

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What people say

"If you’re looking to try out the Icelandic food, I definitely recommend Café Loki for lunch. If that’s not your scene, don’t worry, there are plenty of spots downtown that you can walk from one to the next reading menus until you find one that’s right for you. I also recommend stopping at the grocery store after your meal and grabbing snacks/food at home for the week if you’re on a budget. The food (and drinks) tend to be VERY expensive in Iceland. "
"Best place to stop off for a quick Icelandic meal. Try to make a reservation if you can, as we had a small wait for a table, but you can always wing it and wait a bit! It doesn't hurt that the view near by is amazing, as the restaurant is located right next to Hallgrimskirkja church! We had smashed fish and rye bread ice cream, both were very good! If you are brave this is one location you can get the legendary Hakarl (fermented shark)."
"Here you will find all the famous Icelandic food. I would HIIIIGHLY recommend you to try the deserts, especially the rye bread ice cream and the skyr cake!!"

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