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About Trakai

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What people say

"🇬🇧 Trakai is a town less than an hour from Vilnius. The city is full of surprises, a walk will allow you to see the traditional houses, to come across a coffee or stop to warm up or even other surprises! 🇫🇷Trakai est une ville à moins d’une heure Vilnius. La ville est pleine de surprise, une balade vous permettra de voir les maisons traditionnelles, de croiser un café ou s’arrêter de réchauffer ou encore d’autres surprises !"
"Trakai is one of the most visited cities in Lithuania, especially in the summer season. Why is it so special? The reason for its exclusiveness is the medieval castle on the island in the heart of the city Trakai. Another reason is that the ethnic group of Karaim's (in lithuanian "Karaimai") minority still lives in Trakai, which makes its own traditional dish - Kibinai. You must try them while being in there. "

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