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Kichijōji Station

About Kichijōji Station

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What people say

"🔊 This station is easy to get to as it has a few popular subway lines running through it: the Chuo Line, Chuo Soba (local line), and the Inokashira Line. The Chuo Lines travels from popular train stations such as: Shinjuku Station, Nakano Station, and Tokyo Station. This means you can catch the Rapid train to Kichijoji from any of these major stations. The Inokashira Line starts from Shibuya Station and ends at Kichijoji, making it a very easy train ride both directions. The express train from Shibuya is recommended. "
"I spent years living in this West Tokyo area called Kichijoji. It has it all: sprawling parks, shopping, standing bars, lantern-packed alleys, and tons of local feeling. Thanks, Martina!!"
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